Bringing swing dancing opportunities to the Madison, Wisconsin area. We provide dances, classes, workshops and resources for you to learn and enjoy dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and solo jazz dance.

Starting March 1st, everyone will need to sign a waiver to participate in Jumptown events. You will need to sign it ONCE per year. Please use the tab in the bottom right corner to access and sign the form. Thanks!


What is Lindy Hop?

Our favorite brand of swing dance, the Lindy Hop, is a versatile dance ranging from fast and athletic to smooth and sexy, depending on the music and your mood. Born in Harlem, it is now the dance of a worldwide community that welcomes new dancers from all over the globe, including here in Madison. Its flexibility allows for all types of people to experiment with a wide array of self-expression and truly develop their own style.

We do other swing & jazz dances, too, including East Coast Swing, Balboa, and some solo jazz, including line dances. Our classes will get you started, our social dances are beginner-friendly, and there are plenty of other things to do in the area.


Madison’s Invasion by Jumptown Swing will feature Skye and Naomi in 2017. Tickets have SOLD OUT! If you’ve already registered, find event details and stay tuned for updated information here! The event runs because of the support and volunteerism of our community. Please consider signing up to volunteer at the event. Most volunteers only work for 30-45min over the entire weekend!

Once a month, we have Friday Night Dances at the Madison Circus Space, plus you can come out to The Brink to dance with us on Wednesdays. See the dances and classes pages for more information.