Weekly dance at The Brink

Wednesdays, 9pm to 11:30pm

The Brink Lounge, 701 East Washington Ave, welcomes social dancers to this weekly event with Jumptown DJs. The event is 18+ friendly. $5 cover. There’s also both food and drink available. Food is served until 10pm. There are usually wine specials on Wednesdays; a selection of tap and bottled beer, wine, and cocktails; and soda, lemonade, juice, etc. The Brink is about four blocks from the Capitol Square and within walking distance from campus.

Jumptown monthly dances

Fridays in 2017: January 27th, February 24th, March 31st, April 28th, May 26th, June 30th, July 28, Sept. 1st, Sept. 29th, Oct. 27th, Dec. 1st

Come join us at Madison Circus Space, 2100 Winnebago St.. for swing dancing on a spacious floor. Bring your friends, bring a juggler. $5 cover at the door to pay for venue rental (lesson included). Venue now requires an electronic liability waiver; sign at the registration table or go to MadisonCircusSpace.com and click the link at bottom right.

9–9:30pm Beginner Lesson: We’ll show you 6-count swing basics so you can get on the floor and dance right away. No partner or experience required.

9:30pm–Midnight: Social dancing.

Shoes: Everyone must bring another pair of clean shoes. No wearing the same shoes that they wore outside. If people forget to bring a clean pair, we’ll ask them to dance in socks.

Social dance etiquette

Asking: Social dancing is fun, people are friendly, and most people go to socialize and dance with different people. Ask people to dance! However, nobody has to dance if they don’t want to. General social dance etiquette is that if you tell someone you’re going to sit a song out, wait for the next song to dance with someone else to avoid any bruised feelings.

Teaching: Offering unsolicited advice, lessons, or critiques to other social dancers is impolite. People mostly go social dancing to dance, not to be told what they’re doing wrong! Everybody has things they can improve, including those who offer the most advice. If you want to work on something together with someone of course it’s fine to go find a corner to do so (be courteous of those using the floor to dance.)

Hygiene: Use good personal hygiene when going to dances. Also avoid strong perfume or cologne, as it will get on your partners. Swing dancing can make you sweaty, and it can be a good idea to bring a change of shirt and hand towel or plan to rest for some songs.

Shoes: For venues with nice dance floors, plan to bring a separate pair of shoes that you didn’t wear outside. Also, avoid any “grippy” or traction soles because you could hurt your knees. “Dance shoes” usually have suede or hard leather soles. Apart from that, some venues have more restrictions to preserve their floors. Dancing at some bars or places where there isn’t a maintained dance floor is a little different; it’s still important not to wear high-traction soles, but many people won’t change their shoes and the floor might not be perfectly clean or smooth itself.

Floorcraft: This is the general term for dancing carefully and considerately to avoid bumping into other people (or making them swerve to avoid you). Try to remain aware, dance more carefully when the floor is more crowded, and avoid “big” moves that might affect other dancers. In the case of a collision, it’s nice for everyone involved to say a quick “sorry.”

Trick moves: “Aerials,” flips, lifts, and drops, basically, any move that takes someone off their feet, are avoided at social dances and used for performances where people have specifically practiced for them and have room to do them.

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