Meet the Jumptown Teaching Staff

These are the enthusiastic teachers who are instructing with Jumptown at this time. Some of them are available for private lessons as well – email to request more information.


FullSizeRender-5Tracey Reinke

Tracey started dancing at the insistence of her longtime friend. It began with belly dancing in high school and graduated to lindy hop in 2005, where she fell in love and hasn’t looked back.

Favorite swing song: anything that feels “chunky” and playful

Dancers who inspire: Skye Humphries, Frida Segerdahl, Laura Glaess, and Alice Mei

Best part of swing dancing: Having that moment of connection on the social dance floor, where you and your partner are totally in sync with each other and the music. Swoon!


FullSizeRender_3Sarah “SassyPants” Zabinksi

Sarah’s mom tried an introductory ballroom class around 1994 and convinced her to join in — and they got hooked! Sarah went off to UW-Eau Claire in 1996 and taught ballroom/social dances with the student group “Two to Tango” until 2000. After a dance hiatus, she returned to Madison and joined Jumptown in 2004.

Favorite swing song: anything with a strong swing feel.

Dancers who inspire: Naomi Uyama is who I most wish to channel and Frida Segerdahl embodies the crazy silly fun of lindy hop.

Best part of swing dancing: That you don’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy doing it!


FullSizeRender-6Jason Zabinski

17 years ago, Jason ended up in a Lindy Hop class completely by chance and fell instantly in love with this joyful dance. In the time since then, he has been lucky enough to have taught and performed from California to New York City and multiple points in between. Jason has met so many amazing dancers who have graciously shared their knowledge and wisdom and inspired him to continue sharing this great dance with students of his own.

Best part of swing dancing: Connection and Partnering


FullSizeRender-4 Matt Mella

Matt started dancing as a student at the UW, first in ballroom dance and then with Jumptown. Performances, choreography and becoming a dj all helped get him where he is today.

Favorite swing song: Fiddle-Dee-Dee by Lionel Hampton

Best part of swing dancing: Improvisational composition




Katie Overmyer

Katie started dancing in North Carolina, primarily 6-count swing, then jumped to Charleston and Lindy Hop when she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. In Ann Arbor, Adam Boehmer (dancer) and local musicians inspired the joyfulness in her dancing and a love for early era jazz music. Today, musicality and joyfulness are the pillars of Katie’s dancing and her favorite things to see on the dance floor.

Favorite swing song: anything by James Dapogny’s Chicago Jazz Band

Dancers who inspire: Adam Boehmer

Best part of swing dancing: the joy!



Emily Mabie

Emily’s first experience with dancing came in July of 2014 when she attended her first Jumptown class. After meeting the amazing instructors and peers that initial night, she fell in love with the scene and has been dancing ever since.

Favorite swing song: “I Like Pie” by the Four Clefs

Dancers who inspire: Tracey Reinke and Sarah Zabinski

Best part of swing dancing: learning to think on your feet while having a blast with your friends!


FullSizeRender_2Callie Blumberg

Callie grew up learning tap and jazz. In college, she tried ballroom dance on a whim and very much enjoyed dancing with partner. Callie then tried lindyhop and that’s all she’s wanted to do for the past 10 years (performing, attending local and national events, and teaching).

Favorite swing song: “When I Grow Too Old” by Cats & the Fiddle, among many others

Dancers who inspire: Nina Gilkenson, Skye and Frida

Best part of swing dancing: It makes me happy! It allows me to forget about whatever might be stressing me out and simply enjoy my dance partner and the music.

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