About Jumptown


To promote, enhance, and preserve authentic Swing Era dancing in the greater Madison area, provide educational and academic resources when appropriate and to support the musical community when it intersects with the organization’s goals.


To provide an educational and social organization within the community that supports all participants, regardless of race, religion, gender, or ability in a safe and inviting community.


Jason Zabinski

Executive Director

Jason has been part of the lindy hop community for nearly 20 years.

Emily Mabie

Deputy Director

Emily has been dancing for just a few years, but dove right in to help our group

Michelle Olson


Michelle has been part of our community for only a few years, but dove right in to help.

Tracey Reinke

Board Member

Tracey started dancing in Madison over 10 years ago and has been helping whenever needed ever since.

Callie Leffin

Board Member

Callie started dancing in Madison over 10 years ago and has been helping out the scene ever since.


Callie Leffin

Communications Coordinator

Emily Mabie

Music Coordinator

Jason Zabinski

Instructor Coordinator

Sarah Zabinski

Friday Dance Coordinator

Amanda Lucchini

Invasion Event Coordinator

Scott Lucchini

Invasion Event Coordinator

Charity Pozdol

Invasion Event Coordinator

Ian Pozdol

Invasion Event, Social Media, & Website Coordinator



Jumptown started as a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As years passed and the campus started to change, the club could no longer find free space to use and student numbers started to dwindle. Something had to be done to ensure the club could continue.


A small group of dancers decided to convert Jumptown into a non-profit community organization run by a board of directors. Through their work, our group started to grow and flourish again!


Jumptown continues to flourish! We have been dancing weekly at The Brink Lounge for many years and run monthly dances at The Madison Circus Space. Classes are thriving, despite needing to change locations. We typically have 20-40 dancers in the Intro classes and 10-30 dancers in the Intermediate classes each month.