Thank you for your interest in Jumptown! We offer lessons (group and private), put on frequent dances, and regularly teach and perform at local events. If you are interested in working with us, please review the information below for commonly asked questions and to learn more about what information we need to answer your questions.



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    At Jumptown, we host a variety of events, from social dances to classes to big workshops. To participate, please sign our waiver. The waiver only needs to be signed once per year.

    If you’re coming out for the first time, check out the I’m New page for more information and review tips on social dance etiquette. We recommend starting at a Friday night dance lesson or coming to our Intro to Lindy Hop classes.

    All our events are listed on our events page. The vast majority of our events are open without prior registration. Unless otherwise noted, stop on by!

    If you would like to hire Jumptown to provide a lesson, a performance, or an exhibition at your event, please read about performances below to find out more about what we can offer.

    Many of Jumptown’s instructors offer private lessons. Their hourly rates vary based on experience, but you can expect between $35-50 per hour. If you are looking for a certain rate or a specific instructor, please list that in your email so we can connect you with the right person.

    If you are completely new to dance, we recommend taking our group classes first if they work for your schedule. They are more cost effective and give you an opportunity to try the movements with a variety of classmates. Plus, it’s usually more fun!

    Jumptown is available for hire for events, benefits, and shows. Typically, events fall into these hiring categories: teaching, exhibitions, performances or a combination. Our rates and availability are dependent on the category of event. Additional descriptions are below, but feel free to reach out if you’re not sure what to expect.

    For all types of events, we do expect compensation for our services. We sometimes take on events for free, but we typically reserve this for non-profit groups or at the discretion of the instructors.


    Our instructors are available for hire. We have set content that we typically use and works well for most events, but we are happy to accommodate a specific need for your event. We recommend that lessons run for approximately 30 min for non-dancers (to keep your guest’s interest high!) or 60 min for experienced dancers. Our instructors will usually stay for 30-60 minutes after to help and answer questions, unless a longer stay is requested.


    If you are hosting an event and looking for that authentic, vintage dance feel, we’re happy to oblige! We consider an exhibition to be an event in which we are dancing and providing entertainment to an audience that isn’t necessarily sitting down to watch us. At these events, we typically just social dance our hearts out, meaning most everything is unplanned.

    When contacting us, please let us know what the event will be like so we can select our best dancers for the occasion. In many exhibition circumstances, we understand that dancers are usually part of the ambiance and not the main focus and we can get by with very little instruction or fuss. We DO need a few things though. Please provide seating near the dance floor, water, and a schedule of events. If your event runs for more than two hours, we also request meals or breaks to eat. Additionally, it’s helpful for us to know about the music in advance. Not all jazz music or jazz bands are dance-able or even used to playing for dancers.


    Jumptown dancers are available for performances. Performances are events where we will be performing one dance to a specific piece of music. We don’t currently have a performance team or routine that we can quickly put together; however, if we have enough notice, we may be able to create something wonderful for your event.