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Many of our instructors offer private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to get individualized attention and work on specific concepts that you might be struggling with in group classes. If you are looking to improve your dancing, private lessons absolutely give you the most bang for your buck!

Each instructor runs private lessons a little differently, but the general logistics remain the same. The instructor will ask if you have any areas you’re interested in addressing, and they will social dance with you to see how things feel. After that, it’s work, work, work!

Generally, instructors book privates in one-hour blocks, but you can request more or less time. You can take the lesson by yourself or with a partner, but more than two people present may increase the price, so notify the instructor in advance. Payment is made directly to the instructor and due at the closure of the lesson. Check with the instructor to see how they prefer to take payment (usually cash or check). Location and cost per hour varies depending on the instructor.

If you’re interested in booking a lesson and know which instructor you want to work with, and we’ll put you in touch.. If you’re not sure who to ask, we are happy to recommend an instructor that suits your needs. Email for more info.



Jason offers private lessons in Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz movement. His area of greatest focus is on partnering connection and Lead/Follow technique. In addition to teaching lessons by himself, Jason is also available to teach in partnership with Sarah “SassyPants” Zabinski.

“When you take a private lesson with me, you should expect to learn a lot about technique and how moving your own body will affect your rhythm and how you will connect with a partner as a lead or follow.”


Sarah teaches private lessons in 6-count, 8-count Lindy Hop, the Shim Sham routine, and Charleston. She specializes in both brand-new dancers and dancers who wish to improve the basics they’ve already learned. In addition to teaching lessons by herself, Sarah is also available to teach in partnership with Jason Zabinski.

“When you take a private lesson with me, my goal is to give you a strong base for building your dance skills. We will focus lots of energy on making your basic moves as solid as possible.”


Tracey offers private lessons in Lindy Hop and Charleston. She loves to work with dancers new and old, lead or follow, on their partner connection and technique. She loves to think about body movement and mechanics and uses that knowledge to help you understand why things just aren’t working and how to fix them.In addition to teaching lessons by herself, Tracey is also available to teach in partnership with Andrew Reinke.

“When you take a private lesson with me, you can expect to learn specifically where your basics break down and work to make them more consistent and accurate.”


Emily offers private lessons in introductory Lindy Hop and Charleston. She loves to work with newer dancers to get them confident and onto the dance floor.

“When you take a private lesson with me, you can expect to build your knowledge base and grow your confident autonomy as a dancer- and to laugh a lot while doing it!”


Katie offers private lessons in Lindy Hop, Charleston, and solo movement.

“When you take a private lesson with me, you’ll see how much I love working on one or two fundamentals that will bring your dancing up a notch.”